The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is a self-administered, collaboratively led institution with three groups responsible for integrated, yet distinct, areas of school governance.  The Leadership Team, consisting of the School Chair, Faculty Chair, and Director of Administration, integrate the work of the three groups in service to the mission of the school.

The Leadership Team: Collaborative School Governance

  • Pedagogical leadership and actualization of the mission through teaching & curriculum development
  • Teacher selection and development
  • Student selection
  • Strategic vision mission renewal

Leadership in the development of economic and community resources to support the school’s mission including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Governance
  • Budget approval
  • Fundraising leadership
  • Waldorf school’s legal affairs

Manages and develops resources in service to the school’s mission by:

  • Implementing policies and plans
  • Managing human resources
  • Facilitating daily school operations 

Board of Trustees

Nate Wright, President
Scott Seibert, Vice President
Kirsten Carangi, Treasurer
Eric Greenberg, Secretary
Linette Kielinski

Board Advisory Council

Morgen Cheshire
Pat Fiorella
Tom Gartner
Jason King
Rob Linsalata
Rachel Lithgow
Willie Mirsky
Amanda Mitchell-Boyask
Melissa Morris
Jenn Rezeli
Danette Takahashi


Erin Semin, Faculty Chair
Patricia Cornelius, Oak Tree Kindergarten
Franky Carrozza, Oak Tree Kindergarten Assistant
Lucy Martinez-Zuviria, Daisy Kindergarten
Gretchen Wright, Daisy Kindergarten Assistant
Charity Hendrickson, Lilac Kindergarten
Loretta Borko, Lilac Kindergarten Assistant
Kasea Myers, Sunflower Kindergarten
Hiroko Matsukawa, Sunflower Kindergarten Assistant
Roxanne Anthony, Snowdrop Nursery
Elizabeth Miller, Snowdrop Nursery Assistant
Erin Semin, Parent-Toddler Program
Gwyn Linsalata, Parent-Toddler Program
Jennifer Persinotti, 1st Grade
Rachel Dunlevy, 1st Grade Assistant
Joseph Petro, 2nd Grade
Shannon Stevens, 3rd Grade
Cynthia Way, 4th Grade
Cristina Shiffman, 5th Grade
Karl Andrek, 6th Grade
Susan Stevenson, 7th Grade
Eniko Imredy, 8th Grade
Elena Winston, Spanish
Todd White, Woodworking
Treacy Gallagher, Games and Movement Education
Nicole Nicola, Handwork, Drawing and Sculpture
Jennifer Cole, Orchestra
Amanda Rogers-Petro, Music and Chorus; Recorder Instructor
Anna Ziegner, Eurhythmy


Kerry Hoffman, Interim School Chair
Brenda Ridley, Director of Administration
Alexandra Borders, Director of Admissions
Allison Budschalow Barnes, Director of Development
Pamela Benton, Business Manager
Eileen Apostolico, Bookkeeper
Brooke Pekula, Administrative Assistant

2012 Annual Report

Learn about the past WSP academic year, including financials, admissions, activities, field trips and more! Our Annual Report is used to share and reflect upon our experiences of the past year with our Waldorf families and faculty.