Tuition Assistance


The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is committed to providing assistance to qualified students desiring a Waldorf Education and in need of financial support.  Our school is also committed to providing assistance to help create socioeconomic diversity within our community.   Funds for tuition assistance are made possible through our operating funds, supported by fundraising.  To honor and respect this support from our donors, we expect families to be fully committed and responsible for their child’s reduced tuition fees.

Tuition Assistance awards are made on the basis of financial need and no full-tuition awards are given. Approximately 35% of our students receive awards, ranging from $500 to 40% of the cost of tuition.  For the 2014/2015 school year, tuition assistance awards totaled $160,000.

The Tuition Assistance Committee

The Tuition Assistance Committee is composed of faculty, board, staff and alumni parents.  Committee members must have knowledge of financial matters, the capacity for objective decision making and a willingness to uphold the philosophy of the School’s Tuition Assistance program.  Membership on the committee as well as all information shared is kept strictly confidential.


Tuition Assistance is offered to eligible students who are enrolled for five full days, have turned 5 years old by June 1st, and who are entering Kindergarten through 8th grade. Applications must be received on time.  Late applications will be reviewed when the process for timely applications has been completed.  Any remaining funds will then be awarded to qualified late applicants.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia processes tuition assistance applications through School and Student Services (SSS), a service of the National Association of Independent Schools. SSS calculates an estimate of the amount a family can contribute to educational expenses based on the financial information provided. This estimate, along with any additional information the family shares, enables us to make fair decisions.

Tuition Assistance must be applied for annually.  While the school cannot guarantee the same level of financial support year to year, the goal is to continue offering an award consistent with a family’s demonstrated need whenever possible.

It is not possible for members of the Tuition Assistance committee to become involved in any financial arrangements between parents.  Non-custodial parents are expected to submit their financial information with the application.


Submit the Parent Financial Statement online at with the appropriate fee.  The school code for The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is 4125.

All required documentation must be submitted to SSS with the application.  Two years of tax returns are required and may either be submitted to SSS or to the business office in a sealed envelope addressed to The Tuition Assistance Committee.

A Committee member will review the SSS report and present it with a recommendation to the full Committee at their next meeting.  After review, discussion, clarification and comparison to similar family situations, the committee will vote on the amount of the award. If no assistance is granted or the award you receive is less than you require to enroll you may write a letter of appeal to the Tuition Assistance Committee.    This letter should describe any pertinent information that may have been omitted from the initial application.  The possibility of an increased award is dependent on the availability of remaining funds.

The deadline for completed tuition assistance applications for the 2016/2017 school year is February 12, 2016 for all currently enrolled families, including those in arrears.  Families who are current in their payments will be notified about their financial award by mid-March 2015.   Families with tuition balances in arrears will not be notified until their payments are current.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is grateful to The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia for providing scholarship opportunities for private school tuition. See brief description below or go to for further information.

For more information about tuition assistance please contact Pamela Benton, Business Manager, at 215-248-1662 or

The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia (CSFP)

All applicants must be Philadelphia residents with children attending K through 8th grade. The total family income must fall within the income eligibility scale obtainable on at

Scholarships, which are renewable for four years, are awarded using a random computerized lottery in early March. The maximum amount awarded for 2015-2016 recipients was $2,350 per child. Both the school and family must sign documents each year by stated deadlines to ensure the funds are received. Applications submitted to CSFP prior to March 1st will be included in the lottery.

Applications are available starting in late November and are open until March 1st. Parents can apply online or by written application directly to the CSFP:

Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia
P.O.Box 22463 Philadelphia, PA 19110
Telephone: 215-670-8411

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