Adult Learning

When you Make it Yourself, You Make it Your Own.

Learn a new skill and cultivate a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.  Join fellow crafters and learn from our talented teachers in a range of adult classes at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia.


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Class Leaders

Master teacher, Nicole Nicola has over 20 years experience as a Waldorf handwork teacher, mother, and founding member of The Waldorf School of Philadelphia.  Nicole is a graduate of the Parsons New School of Design, a visiting teacher of Handwork and Applied Arts at the Sunbridge Institute, and the lead teacher of Handwork, Sculpture, and Fine Arts at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia. 

Traditional Waldorf Doll Making

Make your own Waldorf doll in time for the holidays. In Waldorf communities, it is a tradition to make your own Waldorf doll for a beloved child. The Waldorf doll, with its simple features and natural materials, encourages imaginative play and will be loved and cherished for years to come. Using cotton, wool, and mohair, this class teaches the fundamentals of Waldorf doll construction. 


Pastel Drawing

Colour is the soul of Nature and of the entire cosmos - Rudolf Steiner

In this class, you will study various artists who have broken new ground in their use of light, dark, and color. This class follows a path of exploring composition and the richness of color. This course includes some basic observational techniques but is mostly about understanding color on a profound level.  Such is the popularity of this is a class, it often attracts requests for a second level course.


Sheep to Shawl

Explore fiber transformation and deepen your experience of color. This year-long course offers an opportunity to create a special garment by transforming wool fibers into a knitted shawl. Each participant will create a beautiful and functional piece that is imbued with healing forces and uniquely suited to their own individuality.

The traditional hands-on activities of washing and carding wool, spinning with spindle and wheel, dyeing fibers with plant colors, and knitting, will be approached with a spirit of research and renewal. Background reading, including learning about the history of spinning, making drop spindles and spinning,  will complement the hands-on activities.

This course has proven fun for some and transformative for others, as we practice these ancient art forms we experience the connection between humans and handwork. 


Wet Felting, An Introductory Mini-Class

Spend  3 hours learning the basics of wet felting techniques, including felting history, how to lay out a sheet of fiber, and learn about pre-felt. This workshop is a great primer to get you started and inspired. You will also have the chance to see many completed samples of what is possible with felting.

Felting has been used as therapeutic art exercise in many countries.  Experience handling delicate pieces of natural sheep wool, laying it down delicately, beginning the felting process by sprinkling it with water, gently massaging it and increasing the handling of it until you use all your strength to fully finish the felt.

Skills required: The ability to move your hands in a circular motion and to pinch your fingers.