Feb 3

The True Purpose of Preschool  

What is the true purpose education? What is the purpose of greater learning and does this purpose shift by grade or from childhood to adulthood?  According to Waldorf Early Childhood expert educator, Kasea Myers, the answer to all these questions – the purpose of education and learning across the board – is to open a person up to all of life’s wonders. We live to learn and learning to learn is the purpose of education.

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Dec 8

Why Bright Children Deserve Age-Appropriate Academics

There is a commonly held belief that children who learn early learn more over the long haul. Research, however, does not support this theory. This is the story of one family and their journey discovering Waldorf Education for their son, Lukas. Lukas only knows that he loves his new school, but his parents understand the solid foundation that is being laid for academic learning.

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