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May 28, 2014


Springing Forward

DSC_2588As the last weeks of the school year rush towards us, life seems to take on a frantic and dual-natured aspect. We contend with the heat and sunny days of late spring, enticing students and adults alike to languidly leave desks and papers behind to go outside, while balancing bouts of excitement, joyful anticipation, nervous wondering and the plain need to get things planned and in place before the ringing of the last bell on June 13th

We stand poised between the old year and the new. Students finish this year’s work while beginning to look forward to the changes next year will bring. The eighth grade class, having finished their play, their class trips and creating their own diplomas are, perhaps, the epitome of this mood. They stand really at the threshold between Grade School and the wider world of high school and new experiences. Teachers, too, feel this pull to do justice to the present curricular round while beginning to put practical thought into the upcoming year of supply ordering, needs for the new classroom, and new student interviews. It is into this context that the Leadership Team would like to announce a few changes for the upcoming year.

Jennifer Cole, who has carried the Orchestra program for 2 years and has brought much enthusiasm and energy to the classes, will be moving on to other pursuits next year. We would like to honor Mrs. Cole for her contributions and thank her for the thought and heart that she has brought to her work at the school.

Mrs. Cole will be replaced in the work by Harold Golden.  Mr. Golden has been a private strings teacher to many students here at WSP since the very early days. He is a musician, violin maker and has taught many student orchestras in his career. We would like to welcome him to our community in this new and exciting way. 

As has been announced previously, Oleksandra Parashchuck will be returning from sabbatical as next year’s first grade class teacher.  We are thrilled to have Ms. Parashchuck back as a working member of the faculty and leader of this young group of students. 

Eniko Imredy, once she recovers from post-graduation exhaustion, will also return to the school in the part-time capacity as Educational Support Teacher next year. Ms. Imredy will lead reading and math groups as arranged by the faculty and support the grade school as a substitute teacher.

Best wishes as we enjoy the many moods and experiences that the last month of school affords. I hope to see many of you at the Spring Concert on Friday, May 30th at 7 p.m.   

- Erin Semin, Faculty Chair



Every Gift Counts...Double!

Did you know that every gift donated to the Annual Fund counts twice from now until June 30th? A generous anonymous donor from our school community is offering a $10,000 match – for each dollar donated, they'll donate a dollar up to $10,000! That's a total of $20,000 toward our teachers, curriculum, infrastructure; everything that provides the best Waldorf Education for our students. Whether you can give $500 or $50 your impact is doubled during this time and our school is grateful for and dependent on your support. 

Monthly giving: Can't give as much as you'd like in a one-time donation? Then sign-up online for monthly contributions.  Take just a few minutes to give, say, $10 a month, easily and securely.  

Matching Gifts: You can really make your dollars stretch by giving through your employer's Matching Gift program. Find out if your employer has a Matching Gift program.

Questions about our development work? Contact Allison at



Tours of Our New Home

We remind parents that you are invited to tour the new campus. Email Kerry Hoffman to sign-up for childcare and with any schedule requests. Please note that for safety reasons children cannot be on-site. 

Tour Schedule:
Wednesday, May 28th: 3rd, 4th and 5th grade 
Thursday, May 29th: Rising 1st, 1st and 2nd grade 
Friday, May 30th: Early childhood

The WSP Business Directory

The directory is to inform the WSP parent body of businesses that are owned by, or that employ parents, faculty, grandparents, WSP and other Waldorf alumni. It's a way to connect our community in a deeper way by learning more about each other, and will give us the opportunity to streamline our resources directly back to the school and each other. Enter your business today!



Garden and Grounds Clean-up

Join children, parents, grandparent and friends and come garden together. Tending the gardens is a great community-building and friend-raising activity, so grab your gloves and a rake and join in!  

Wednesday, June 4th, 3:30 – 5 p.m.



District Transportation for 2014-2015

Local public school districts are obligated to provide transportation services to students who live in their districts but who are enrolled in private schools.

Each district has its own eligibility requirements and parents should contact their district’s office for more information. Once eligibility is established by your district, WSP will arrange transportation. To request transportation services for next year, please download the Transportation Request Form.

Current families who use district transportation must complete a new request form for next school year.




28   Tour of 6000 Wayne Avenue
29   Tour of 6000 Wayne Avenue
30   Tour of 6000 Wayne Avenue
30   Spring Concert


4    Second Grade Play
4    Grounds and Gardens 
5    New Family Orientation
8    8th Grade Graduation
12  Last day of School (1 p.m. dismissal, Early Childhood)
13  Last day of School (3:15 p.m. dismissal, Grade School)
13  Community Picnic


School Photographs: Purchase your pictures today!

Health Forms: Download physical and dental forms for rising 3rd, 6th and 7th graders.



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