In October 2011 The New York Times sparked national media coverage with its story “A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute” on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education. “Preparing for Life” takes viewers inside the Waldorf School of the Peninsula where the focus is on creativity, resilience, innovative thinking, and social and emotional intelligence over rote learning. Entrepreneurs, Stanford researchers, investment bankers, and parents who run some of the largest hi-tech companies in the world, weigh-in on what children need to navigate the challenges of the 21st Century in order to find success, purpose, and happiness in their lives.

Today there are over 900 Waldorf schools in 83 countries. In North America, Waldorf Education has grown to include 150 member schools across the continent and 14 teacher preparation institutes, 1 school entirely adapted for children with special needs, 1 school adopted by Native Americans and 8 schools with educational programs designed in partnership with farms practicing organic or biodynamic agriculture. The Waldorf independent school movement has grown to have a huge reach and influence across the continent and remains as exciting and challenging as the day it started in 1919.

The film “Preparing For Life” provides thoughtful and thorough commentary on the many benefits of a Waldorf education, including life-skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, persistence and drive, and the life-long skill of learning how to learn and learning by doing.

Founded in 1994 as a Waldorf-inspired playgroup, The Waldorf School of Philadelphia welcomes more than 200 students from ages 18 months through eighth grade. The Annual Alumni Panel will be held on Tuesday, 17th December at 7.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.  and we invite anyone with an interest in learning more about Waldorf education to attend. Among the topics slated for discussion are – how the teaching of the arts underscores and amplifies the academic experience, how developing the imagination supports the development of the intellect, high school selection and transitions, and the benefits of Waldorf education beyond the years at a Waldorf school.

2013 Panel Members:

Galeet Cohen, Science Teacher, Central High School
Cristina Shiffman, Fifth Grade Teacher, WSP
Leah Bakely, Sophomore Wesleyan College, WSP Class of 2008
Oliver Mitchell-Boyask, Junior GFS, WSP Class of 2011
Brenna Schiman, Junior CAPA, WSP Class of 2011
Ellianna McLaughlin, Sophomore Central, Class of 2012
Panel Moderator, Cynthia Way, Fourth Grade Teacher, WSP

We very much hope to see you there!