Update from the School Chair

Welcome to the bi-weekly update about The Waldorf School of Philadelphia’s relocation to 6000 Wayne Avenue in September 2015.

As of writing, the exterior roofing and structural supports are complete; the new roof looks beautiful and the copper guttering shines, awaiting its lived-in patina. Many of the windows are primed in readiness for exterior paint in shades of gold and green.

Electrical work is complete in the grades 3-8 building. Spray insulation is also finished and the rooms have been sheet-rocked. Electrical work is moving apace in Great Hall, the school’s new auditorium.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia offers seven Special Subjects as part of its unique arts-infused curriculum: Spanish, games, eurythmy, music, orchestra, woodwork and handwork all work towards intensifying the academic experience for students. As such, our new home will provide a dedicated Special Subjects building. This new building has many beautiful rooms including a space for eurthymy, complete with a newly sprung floor. Can you begin to imagine the quality of sound in our new music room? (shown below)



The administrative office and nursery building (shown below) will be finished by a separate crew to ensure that all of the buildings will be finished by our key date of June 1st.

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Moving into a new home calls for the help and support of an entire community. Some of the very many community members who have already volunteered their expertise include Kyle and Linette Kielinski, Jim and Ilka Cassidy, Adam and Kirsten Carangi, John Fiorella, JJ Fox and Mark Anderson and Scott Seibert.

Kyle and Linette are photographers and have been documenting the transformation of our new home; Jim and Ilka of C2 Architecture developed the first rendering of the site and Jim continues to support the development of the project as a member of the site committee sharing his expertise in architectural design; Scott Seibert is part of the site committee and shares his considerable expertise in construction; Adam and Kirsten Carnagi of BEAM have developed interior and exterior lighting plans. Former WSP woodwork teacher and WSP alumni parent, John Fiorella, restored the front door to its former glory and many internal doors; and JJ Fox and Mark Anderson are designing the professional kitchen in the Great Hall.  For all parents who are excited about the prospect of a professional kitchen, please note that the kitchen will not be functioning for at least twelve months after our move.

Thank you for reading this update. I would be delighted to receive your feedback or respond to any questions you may have about our school’s relocation. You can always contact me at schoolchair@phillywaldorf.com

Kerry Hoffman, School Chair
September 17th, 2014


Key Dates

  • February 2015         Construction of the new EC Classrooms begin
  • July 1st 2015            Lease begins at 6000 Wayne Avenue
  • August 1st 2015       Lease begins at 6024 Wayne Avenue
  • June 30th 2015        Vacate 7500 Germantown Avenue
  • September 2015      Doors Open