Dear Waldorf School of Philadelphia,

I want to begin by wishing everyone plenty of strength and happiness in these difficult times. While we are in our houses missing our family and friends, it is important to realize that we as a community may be closer together than we think. We all have the common thread of Waldorf connecting us to each other and giving us strength.

Social distancing and social isolation have been difficult for me, just as they have been difficult for everyone else, however, I have realized that my past in Waldorf has made the whole situation a lot easier to bear. I have been drawing, reading, playing board games, and exercising to stay busy, while my friends in high school are spending too much time online and plugged in. I feel healthy and focused because of how I have entertained myself using Waldorf’s philosophy and I want to urge you to embrace Waldorf education during this time off.

Next time you, or your child, or someone you know is tempted to resort to technology to cure boredom, try instead to pick up a book or a pencil. It has worked for me and it is one small way to bring more joy and light into your life during this difficult and confusing time. Most of all, remember to stay safe and take all necessary precautions to protect you and your family.


Class of 2018