According to The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), surveys of Waldorf graduates show that they value, “the opportunity to think for themselves, practice lifelong learning, have lasting human relationships, and be of help to other people.”  

That certainly describes our recent alumni, Ruby Jane Moser, who is currently an Honors student at Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA).

Ruby volunteers at Exceptional Care for Children, a residential pediatric skilled nursing facility, reading and playing with technologically-dependent children there, and has helped raise money and collected donations for Children International, LGBTQ+ rights, Clean Water projects, Angels in Motion, and Puerto Rico disaster relief.

Ruby is passionate about traveling and exploring other cultures, and currently writes letters and sponsors an underprivileged child in Guatemala. She is saving her money from odd jobs both to continue this sponsorship and to participate in a future service project in Guatemala.

At CAPA, Ruby is majoring in Instrumental Music [strings (violin) and jazz (guitar) ensemble and has joined the Gardening club and formed her own band with some of her classmates. Outside of school, she is also an accomplished, award-winning equestrian, and has been a prolific pen-pal to friends in Norway, British Columbia, China, Jamaica and across the U.S. for many years now.  

As a lover of nature, animals and the outdoors, she aspires to become an expedition leader and environmental conservationist. She enjoys camping, backpacking, rock-climbing, boating and roughing it in the outdoors, having successfully completed 3 extended Kroka outdoor challenges (one last year with her Waldorf class where she was unanimously voted the leader of part of the expedition) as well as Outward Bound.

Ruby joined the Waldorf School of Philadelphia community as a toddler in the Parent-Child class, and went on to kindergarten and the grades, graduating in the class of 2017. Ruby tells us that she deeply values her friendships from Philly Waldorf and talks with her Waldorf peer group daily and considers them family.

We consider you family too, Ruby. Keep doing your amazing and purposeful work, following your heart and contributing to the world. You are the quintessential Waldorf graduate and everyone here at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia is very proud of you.

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