Beeswax modeling is an intersection of storytelling, art and imagination

Waldorf Education has a strong focus on the arts for all grades and ages not just as a separate subject but as a powerful vehicle for teaching in every subject. Artistic experience weaves through the Waldorf curriculum  all the way from the nursery to 8th grade – watercolor painting, drawing, baking, puppetry, handcrafting, storytelling and beeswax modeling are some of the creative wonders of a Waldorf early childhood classroom. Beeswax modeling is taught through 3rd grade when students begin the transition to clay modeling.

Beeswax also happens to be a wonderful portable activity. Your children will delight as they hold it and mould it in their hands during a car journey, during quiet time, while you tell a story, or while waiting at the doctor’s office. Give your child a small piece of beeswax and watch as the beautiful forms emerge!

Benefits of Beeswax Modeling

  • Helps create a delightful time of closeness for parent and child
  • Enhances a child’s experience of the curriculum
  • Can help improve focus in the classroom – a little bit of beeswax to fiddle with!
  • Working with the hands trains observation and awareness
  • Beeswax gives qualities of warmth, color and fragrance and suits the light and airy nature of the child
  • Modeling is a rich sensory experience and has a vitalizing effect on the child
  • Beeswax modeling can be a soothing pastime

Tips for Beeswax Modeling

  1. Work with one color of beeswax at a time
  2. Give your child a small piece of wax about the size of a quarter
  3. Let your child hold the piece of wax in the palm of his hand
  4. Encourage your child to be patient while the beeswax warms and softens
  5. While the beeswax is warming tell a story; see what shape naturally arises through your storytelling
  6. Start simply and be patient, beeswax modeling takes time – no need to rush
  7. Have fun and marvel at your creations – sandcastles, bears, gnomes, whatever is your pleasure!

You can find beeswax to buy at The Whispering Wood, open Monday through Friday, 8.30 a.m. – 9.30 a.m. or online

Beeswax with us at Clover Market, Chestnut Hill – Sunday, September 14th and Sunday, October 19th

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