Mar 22

The Dramatic Arts and the Waldorf Curriculum

Why are the dramatic arts considered an important component of the Waldorf curriculum? All Waldorf students are expected to carry a role, which includes memorizing lines and learning music and blocking. In addition, most students will participate in the visual aspect of these productions by creating props, sets and costumes. In this way, students engage the practical work of their hands toward a communal artistic enterprise. By the time the students have reached middle school age, they have become used to performing in front of an audience and have internalized many of the aspects of stagecraft.

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Nov 7

The Giant

Enter a grades classroom at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia and you will notice painted walls, natural materials, a soothing yet studious atmosphere, and a beautiful chalk drawing that details the main lesson of the day. The chalk drawings are a hallmark of Waldorf Education. They imbue the classroom with beauty, inspiration and a desire […]

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