Feb 5

The No Blame Approach to Resolving Social Difficulty

The No Blame Approach, in which a child is never labeled nor stigmatized. Rather than viewing a social difficulty as an isolated issue between the parties and placing blame, the community diffuses the stress on the individual by embracing the problem with a full shoulder of support. None of us could argue the need for support, whether we ask for it or not, and no matter what our child’s needs are or how our family is structured.

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Dec 1

The Right Age for Academics

There is a commonly held belief that children who learn early learn more over the long haul. Surely, a four-year-old who is taught to read will become a fourth grader well ahead of her peers in reading. Research, however, indicates that the opposite is true — not only do younger students in academics fall behind their older peers in the early grades, they STAY behind those peers long term. However, researching your options and understanding the full benefits of selecting a school with an earlier than main-steam birthday cut-off, can makes standing against the cultural pressure of “too much too soon” much easier for parents.

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