May 28

Waldorf Education Receives Comic Simpsons Shout Out

The Simpsons gave a well-crafted, comic shout out to Waldorf Education during their Season 26 finale for 2015 — “Mathlete’s Feat”, which aired May 17, 2015. After a scathing math competition defeat, tech bigwigs take pity on Springfield Elementary and outfit the school with all the latest technology. But Principal Skinner’s ineptitude leads to a […]

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Jan 30

Waldorf Schools, Unplugged on Purpose

While the education landscape is changing – core curriculum, smart boards, tablets – Waldorf Education continues to offer its unique blend of education eschewing technology to provide children with a substantive and yet imaginative and soulful education experience. There have been many recent articles about the choice some parents are making to send their children to Waldorf Schools, among them the New York Times shining light on Google executives from Silicon Valley choosing “unplugged on purpose” schools. Here we have collected a few of the best recent articles that touch on the trend of technology-free education in K-8th grade.

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