As parents with young children we are all at varying stages of our parenting journeys. Some of us have a child who is only just beginning their school experience while others are already on the cusp of stepping beyond WSP and into everything high school has to offer. Knowing the importance of selecting the right school for your child we have worked to bring opportunities that will support your school decision-making process. Please won’t you join us for these upcoming events where you can learn more about the first grades curriculum, experience the progression of our academics, observe our teachers in action, interact with 8th grade students, and meet our panel of Waldorf alumni for a lively discussion about life beyond WSP.

  • December 19th, 8.30 a.m.-10.30 a.m. – Classroom Observation Morning

Experience the curriculum first hand and journey from first through eighth grade. Observation Mornings run monthly, if the December dates don’t work please join us some other month.

  • December 14th at 10.00 a.m. – How Handwork Supports Academic and Social Learning

Join WSP Handwork, Drawing and Sculpture teacher, Nicole Nicola and learn why Waldorf teaches handwork, how it is taught through the grades, and the value of the lessons learned.

  • December 17th at 7.00 p.m., Annual Waldorf Alumni Panel

This year’s panel includes Galeet Cohen, Science Teacher, Central High School; Leah Bakely, Class of 2008 and Wesleyan College sophomore; and Oliver Mitchell-Boyask, Class of 2011, Junior at GFS. WSP fifth grade teacher, Cristina Shiffman represents the WSP faculty and the panel will be moderated by WSP fourth grade teacher, Cynthia Way.  This event is for all families but especially for those considering our school for the first time, and for middle-school families who are preparing for high school.

  • January 15th at 7.00 p.m. Bridge to First Grade

Meet incoming first grade teacher Lesya Parashchuk and special subject teachers. Discover how reading, writing and arithmetic are to be introduced and how the special subjects of Music, Spanish, Games and Handwork support the learning of first grade students.

Whatever draws you to The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, whether it is the nurturing home-like environment, the imaginative and challenging grades curriculum, or the way our teachers ignite a real passion for learning, please be reminded of the wonder of the learning experiences at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia. We really hope that you will take advantage of these events and ask that you to kindly RSVP either via the admissions page of the website or to me directly at

– Alex Borders, Director of Admissions