Grandparents and Special Friends Day at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is always exciting but this years event was especially so because grandparents and special friends were taken on a tour of the new school property, 6000 Wayne Avenue. It was wonderful to see the changes taking place, imagining what it will be upon completion. The new school buildings will enable the school room to grow and will allow many more children to have the gift of a Waldorf education.

Bob and I became involved with The Waldorf School of Philadelphia nearly 14 years ago when our grandson, Jacob was two years-old, he has since graduated from eighth grade is seventeen years old and in high school – one of the growing number of alumni from WSP.  Our grand-daughter, Helayna also began at the Waldorf School in kindergarten and is currently in the sixth grade.  Over the years we have observed how students at WSP learned all aspects of a particular subject – not just to pass a test! Their main lesson books are bursting with drawings and writings so that they have a complete understanding of the material, and a deep love of the knowledge they have gained.

Some of our favorite highlights of being involved with the community at WSP include the annual Lantern Walks, the orchestra concerts and the class plays.   It is easy to see how children develop such a wonderful bond with each other and with their teacher, eager to learn and excited to come to school. In a world where technology is ever present and has profoundly altered the way communities interact, the community at WSP will always maintain a deeply special connection with one another.  We see this at events when WSP graduates return to their school to see one another, share stories and renew their connection with the Waldorf community. Young people who are thriving due to a Waldorf education that has prepared them for life.  Bob and I anticipate that it will be the graduates who support the school in the future!

As grandparents we urge you to join us in becoming members of the Grandparents and Special Friends Giving Circle, if you have not joined already.  You surely receive many requests for contributions to all kinds of causes but we are firm believers in family first. As time goes by you will be able to see how much your investment in the community at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia changes the lives of children – our grandchildren and yours.  Waldorf is the perfect cause to  support.

Written by Kris Clark, Grandmother of Jacob, Class of 2011, and Helayna, Class of 2016



Kris’ sentiments are likely shared by many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more.  For information on joining the Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Giving Circle, please download this form.  If you would like to learn more about how we celebrate and honor our extended families, please contact