Update from the School Chair

This week the sound of children’s voices could be heard at 6000 Wayne Avenue when Mr Petro’s third grade had the privilege of visiting.

At The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, social studies form a strong component of the curriculum. In third grade, students visit a working farm and complete tasks in the school gardens for a concrete experience of the dependence that humans have on each other and on the plant and animal kingdoms.

The third grade curriculum also includes the study of shelter and house building. It is during the Shelters Block that students’ contrast their own homes with those of other times and peoples and climates. The class explores the use of natural materials, the history of standardized measurement, the industrialization of building materials, and the development of sustainable building materials.  Throughout, the teacher strives to give students concrete examples and rich experiences to enhance their learning. A visit to The Waldorf School of Philadelphia’s new home during construction was therefore the perfect concrete experience for the students of the third grade.

For my own part, it was a great pleasure to see the children’s awestruck faces as they visited each building on campus.  The tour provided tangible experience from which to draw as they study building. I like to think that the experience was made extra special because the buildings are soon to become their new school.


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From the children to the adult community, we have long had it in mind to organize further tour opportunities. Scheduling is underway and the first tour date for current families will be on Sunday, October 12, 2014 from 12.00 p.m. – 1.00 p.m. Further details will be sent shortly.

Construction is moving to plan. Gas lines are in the process of being installed, and electrical work is progressing from Great Hall to the Special Subjects building. The Administration and Nursery buildings electrical work will be completed in the coming months. Repairs to the windows in the Administrative building is underway, along with other minor repairs to prepare for the electrical wiring. A new porch has been completed on the Administrative building, with a ramp for handicap accessibility. Drywall is finished in the building that will house Grades 3-8.

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Kerry Hoffman, School Chair
September 29th, 2014


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Key Dates

February 2015          Construction of the EC Classrooms begin
July 1st 2015             Lease begins at 6000 Wayne Avenue
August 1st 2015        Lease begins at 6024 Wayne Avenue
June 30th 2015         Vacate 7500 Germantown Avenue
September 2015       Welcome the new school year!