As autumn’s chill and frost descends, the light that gave us joy and strength from summer seem to recede a bit farther each day. The Waldorf School of Philadelphia honors the changing of the seasons with the annual Lantern Walk.

It takes an act of courage to step out into the darkness on a November night. Faith of heart is needed to hold all of what life and nature gave us during the warm relaxed summer months in our soul like a small burning flame as we head deeper into the autumn. This is the symbolism of the Lantern Walk — families set out into the darkness to walk with little lights while the wind sighs and the leaves rustle underfoot. Then, as the path turns we see that each little light forms part of a river of light that weaves through the night- joining together and helping us along. We find that once we have stepped out into the night our community is in a different spirit from the rush of everyday events as a mood of reverence, awe, and wonder surrounds us. 

This year’s Lantern Walk is being held on Saturday, 10th November, 2018. 

Younger grades students are making lanterns in their classes and will be carrying them during this event.  Older students, parents, and alum are encouraged to bring a lantern to carry.

This is an all-school event and all students, big and small, are asked to remain with their family group as it will help us to create and maintain a quiet and reverent mood during the walk.  

Please help your child to follow the Lantern Walk route and engage in the atmosphere of awe and wonder as we illuminate the darkness together.

Program – Saturday, 10th November, 2018
5:30 pm   Welcome at Great Hall
5:40 pm   Lighting of lanterns and beginning of Lantern Walk Procession
6:30 pm   Campfire gathering, singing, and hot apple cider
7:00 pm   Close

We extend the warmest of invitations to our alumni and their families hoping that you will walk with us, retrace your steps, and relive the memories of these treasured moments.

Special Alumni Program
5:00 p.m. All ages front porch happy hour
6:00 p.m. Join the Lantern Walk Procession 

Alumni should bring their own lantern and are welcome to join the regular program at any time.

Photography by Dave Moser