Join the Leadership Team and members of the Board of Trustees for a Town Hall meeting on Monday, December 8th  at 7.00 p.m in the school auditorium. We are developing a relocation plan that encompasses everything from new furniture to the hiring of the moving company. We would like to provide a preliminary overview of these plans and provide an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.  We hope to see much of our community present at the Town Hall.

I am very pleased to report that work at our new home is moving along to schedule; from the drywall that defines the classrooms, to the selection of paint colors, to selecting outdoor pathway surfaces. We are also envisioning the new outdoor space at our campus through the grant made possible via the Community Design Collaborative.  This work begins through a process that asks for community-wide input. A task force, with members from all of the constituent groups of our school community – including our new neighbors and others that reflect the interests of Philadelphia, will have a first meeting in the coming weeks. I look forward to bringing you updates about this work in due course.

More good news: the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2015 will be held at our new home. We are able to take an early lease for Great Hall allowing us to accommodate the needs for school events including graduation on June 7th.  After graduation this space will be used for storage as we stagger the moving of classrooms into their proper buildings at the end of June .

The Site Group thanks Nate Wright, past Board President for his leadership. Nate has stepped down from this work and we are pleased to welcome Anthony DeGuzman, board liaison to Board Mandated Committees. Anthony offers a wealth of experience including relocating schools within the Washington DC school district. Also on board, is Linette Kielinksi, Board Liaison to the Parent’s Association. Linette is a professional photographer and has been documenting the building work at our new home.

It was a pleasure to see parents at the most recent tour on October 12th.  We will continue to offer many more tours throughout the year and will post the new tour dates here and in The Weekly.

As always, I welcome conversation with you about our new home and encourage you contact me at your convenience.


Kerry Hoffman, School Chair


Key Dates

February 2015                                Construction of the EC Classrooms begin
May 29th – August 1st 2015         Relocation time-frame
July 1st 2015                                   Lease begins at 6000 Wayne Avenue
August 1st 2015                              Lease begins at 6024 Wayne Avenue
June 30th 2015                               Vacate 7500 Germantown Avenue
September 2015                             Welcome the new school year!