Our enthusiasm is mounting as the buildings at 6000 Wayne Avenue become more visibly beautiful as well as functional every day.  One could almost hear footsteps running up and down the stair cases with the hum of children’s voices throughout the buildings.  As we get closer to our move date of June 2015, and to opening our doors in September 2015, we are reaching out to neighboring schools and residents to develop deep relationships that will carry us as a community together in Germantown.

I have met with Marc Gosselin the new enthusiastic principal of Lingelbach Elementary School at Wayne and Johnson streets just a few blocks away from our new home.  Mr. Gosselin shared his interest in partnering with The Waldorf School of Philadelphia in many ways including but not limited to community outreach, sharing resources, community safety precautions, gardening, and afterschool sports.  I was thrilled leaving this meeting with a feeling of real possibilities for connections with our surrounding community. Mr. Gosselin and I plan to meet with Jason Kegal, the principal of Pickett Mastery Charter High school on Wayne Avenue as well to develop relationships that will benefit the children, staff, parents and surrounding community.  What a unique opportunity to have a charter, public, and private school come together to support the education of children and the health of the surrounding community.  We look forward to sharing these opportunities with you as we strengthen our partnerships.

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A meeting with local resident neighbors was held at Sandi Weckessar’s lovely home across the street on Wayne Avenue on Monday, October 27th.  At this meeting, we discussed future traffic patterns and parking on Wayne and Harvey streets.  The neighbors shared their support and enthusiasm for our school becoming their neighbor as well as their input for the production of traffic and parking patterns.  We will bring this feedback into our planning meetings and share the final plans with the neighborhood in the coming months.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is ready to become an active community member in Germantown and the wider community of Philadelphia!  We have been searching for a home that supports our growing needs and becomes a warm, inviting place to share with the wider community. Now it is so close to completion that it is palpable all around us. Our recent open house was a shining example of the growing interest in our school.  Please join the enthusiasm by coming for a tour or simply sharing your story with new families.  I can truly see the value of the saying “If you build it, they will come” through the continued upswing of interest and great enthusiasm all around.

Please join The Waldorf School of Philadelphia’s Leadership Team and members of the Board of Trustees for a Town Hall meeting on Monday, December 8th  at 7.00 p.m in the school auditorium.

We are developing a relocation plan that encompasses everything from new furniture to the hiring of the moving company. We would like to provide a preliminary overview of these plans and provide an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.  We hope to see much of our community present at the Town Hall.

As always, I welcome conversation with you about our new home and encourage you contact me at your convenience.


Kerry Hoffman, School Chair