We are just a short five months away from moving to our new home in the welcoming, warm neighborhood of Germantown. In late December my colleagues, Jim Cassidy and Scott Seibert, attended a neighborhood meeting on behalf of The Waldorf School of Philadelphia at the president of West Central Germantown Neighbors, Luke Russell’s house. On the agenda was a discussion about the additional space to be developed at the rear of 6024 Wayne Avenue. Privacy, traffic, parking, and landscaping. The West Central Germantown Neighbors generously offered a letter of support for the zoning hearing that was slated for January 2015.

We are immensely grateful for the support of our new neighbors and I am happy to report that zoning approval was granted for the renovation and addition of 6024 Germantown Avenue. This space will be transformed into five beautiful kindergarten classrooms, a Parent Child classroom and two brand new first and second grade classrooms. If you were wondering, we are still accepting applications for enrollment for September. Contact my colleague, Alex Borders, Director of Admissions, for a conversation about whether Waldorf Education could be a good fit for your child.

Along with zoning approval and new classrooms, we received other good news when members of the task force for the Community Design Collaborative met recently to review the first proposal of the conceptual design of the outdoor space. The plans show a rendition of a space that is active, beautiful, and functional – meeting most of our desired needs. It is our intention to collect feedback from constituent groups in the school and the larger community to help produce a final conceptual drawing of our outdoor space. Once the conceptual drawing has been finalized, we can select what will be put in place for the opening of the school and what will be phased-in over time. Needless to say we will be asking for many hands to make lighter work for the beautifying of our grounds. Please keep an eye peeled for volunteer sign-up sheets to help support our move.

We continue to connect with our neighboring schools’ leadership at Pickett Mastery and Lingelbach to explore partnerships to support the development of community among our three respective schools. Thank you to Principals, Jason Kegel and Marc Gosselin for the warm welcome to the neighborhood.

Lastly, the renovations of 6000 Wayne Avenue are progressing quickly with some of the classrooms have freshly painted walls and floors ready to be laid in place. If you haven’t visited yet, please register for an upcoming tour. Upcoming dates are 1st and 7th February – adults only!


As always if you have questions or feedback, please contact me at schoolchair@phillywaldorf.com

Kerry Hoffman
School Chair