There are five more months until we relocate to our new home at 6000 Wayne Avenue and we couldn’t be happier with the renovations. The level of care and detail of work by McCoubrey Overholser is second to none.

The first program to be held in our new home will be six weeks of Summer:Garten, our Waldorf summer camp for 3-6 year olds. Camp commences on July 6th. Registration for Nursery and Kindergarten camp is now open. Be among the first to experience what many children are referring to as “Hogwarts”.

You may be interested to know that we now offer monthly tours of our New Home. We hope that you will  join us!  All tours meet at 10.00 a.m. on the porch of our new administration building on the corner of Wayne and Harvey.

Saturday, February 7th
Sunday, March 29th
Saturday, April 18th
Sunday, May 3rd

Register for your tour today!

One word about our tours. We love children but while construction is ongoing we recognize that the work site is no place for children. We therefore request that all New Home Tours are adult only. Safety is our paramount concern. Please bring your neighbor, friend, grandparent, Waldorf alumni, anyone who is curious to explore our beautiful new home. We can’t wait to see you.

To whet your appetite, here are some photographs captured during last Sunday’s tour, on Sunday, February 1st. Renovation is moving at a fast pace and the buildings are changing from week to week. Come and see for yourselves and imagine the possibilities for your children.









Snowdrop Nursery Classroom – a beautiful sunlit space for ten lucky children.












The dedicated Woodworking Classroom, just one of five dedicated Special Subject classrooms. At Philly Waldorf all students benefit from eight Special Subjects: handwork, woodworking, games, eurythmy, orchestra, music and Spanish and fine arts.











Mrs Cynthia Way stands next to the fire place in what will become her sixth grade classroom. The sixth grade curriculum includes Medieval  and Ancient Roman history.











Great Hall will form the hub of our community. It’s where all of our orchestra concerts will be performed and where class plays including Shakespeare, Chaucer and Moliere, will be produced. Great Hall is also where basketball will be played as part of our indoor Games program.


Thank you for reading this blog post and for your interest in The Waldorf School of Philadelphia. We feel blessed by our new home, and we could not be more excited. But we know that it is not the place but the people who make a house a home. Thank you for being part of the Philly Waldorf community.



Kerry Hoffman
School Chair