Update from the School Chair

Here we are, another year closer to moving into our beautiful new home at 6000 Wayne Avenue in September 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited!

This summer there were opportunities to tour our new home. We saw many awe-struck faces and it was heart-warming to see the positive effect our new home has on everyone who stepped inside. We are developing a tour schedule for the coming year so that everyone who wants to visit will have a chance. There will also have a grand event just before move-in to celebrate and bless our new home.

As can be seen by these beautiful photographs by Kyle Kielinski  progress is apparent throughout the site. Outside you can view the new slate-tiled roof with copper rain gutters which enhances the buildings magnificent appearance. Interior rooms are close to being dry-walled and the installation of electrical and lighting lines are in progress.

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It has always been our intention to implement sustainable practices throughout the site: lighting that is both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, heating and cooling systems that are 95% efficient, resilient flooring made from naturally occurring materials which means no off-gasses, and new and refurbished insulated windows. We have also been working responsibly to balance the requirement to maintain the historic quality of the buildings with our budget.

We are also been seeking grant partnerships and are excited to announce our award of a grant from the Community Design Collaborative. We are grateful to have the guidance of experts in landscape design to work with our community to develop a comprehensive design for our new outdoor spaces. We will dive into this work with enthusiasm soon after the first day of school.

Kerry Hoffman, School Chair
September 3rd, 2014