The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is proud to announce a partnership with Recyclebank, so that we may work together toward a world without waste.

We have been chosen as a Green School Finalist grant winner for our Garden and Water Play Space Project, which will teach our students how to be environmental stewards, reduce run-off on our campus by collecting and redirecting rainwater, and build on our curriculum that encourages creativity and imaginative play.

A World Without Waste.
Help us to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

This grant is community driven, meaning we will be rewarded for community participation starting on January 8th 2018. But it’s not just our Philadelphia community that we need to join in the support. Anyone can live anywhere in the US and donate their Recyclebank points to the Waldorf School of Philadelphia grant.

To receive our full grant we need 500,000 points. Every point helps! Please join in and contribute your points to help us reach our goal.

Live anywhere in the US and still donate your Recyclebank points to the Waldorf School of Philadelphia! 

So please ask your family and friends to join too. It’s free and easy.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our community and supporters to make a Recyclebank account. Click here to create your account and then click the JOIN button.
  2. Once you join, you can start earning points in loads of different ways – from recycling in select communities to saving energy at home and even just by learning about the different ways you can help the environment.
  3. Once you’ve built up reward points, you can give them to the Waldorf School of Philadelphia project by visiting our Points Donation Campaign page from your Recyclebank account.  We will receive $1 for every 250 donated points from members!

Thank you for your help and support! We hope that you’ll join the Recyclebank community, not just for our Early Childhood project, but also to help make the world a cleaner, greener place. Curious about our project?

Learn about our innovative Garden and Water-Play Space

Our school’s proposed project utilizes the fenced in outdoor space behind our Early Childhood Building, which houses our kindergartens, first grade, and second grade. We would like to build 6 raised garden beds, which could supply our Early Childhood students with homegrown healthy snacks. Since children assist their teacher in preparing soup, bread, and fruit bowls daily, access to a vegetable and fruit garden would enhance this core curriculum and allow children to understand the full scope of what goes into making a meal. The Early Childhood classes would also be responsible for maintaining the gardens, which ties into our core nature, outdoor and gardening curriculum.

The second component of our project is rainwater collection. We would like to install two rain barrels to collect the water that comes off the Early Childhood Building roof. The first rain barrel will be used to water the garden, while the second will be placed near the water-play space so that the water trough can easily be filled. Water-play has many benefits, including developing motor, language, and social skills, as well as stimulating the imagination.