Work at 6000 Wayne Avenue is moving ahead as planned. Classrooms are being created as can be seen by the new scaffold framing in the photographs. Improvements to the buildings include new trusses to support the roof in the former sanctuary,  a new floor in the once- uninhabitable basement of the grades building, and work has begun on the dedicated special subjects building that will eventually be home for eurythmy, chorus and handwork. The basement of the special subjects building (pictured below) has been excavated in readiness for a beautiful woodworking room. The windows you see in the picture below will eventually be made bigger, but already the beauty of the room can be seen.



The faculty has visited the wooded grounds and are now considering how the space will be used in order to meet the needs of our programming. No detail is too small and elements such as our future culinary needs (think lavender, rosemary and bay) as well as plants that can help support improved air quality for the children at play are all under consideration. The school is a hive of activity – the Board of Trustees continues with their project oversight; the development office is connecting with organizations to seek funding for future programs; and admissions and outreach continue to build deep connections with the wider community.

We are truly excited for what the future holds and look forward to the time our school occupies its new home in September 2015.