Do you remember your summer as a child?
What are some of your best memories?

We’re guessing you were outside, playing in the sunshine, free to explore and cool off in the water. It’s likely you ate delicious food, maybe even food you picked yourself from the garden, outside in the breezy fresh air.

Your child can have these experiences too. They don’t need to have their lives scheduled down to the minute this summer. They can come relax and unplug here at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia with our early childhood teachers Miss Gretchen and Miss Hiroko, and experienced counselor, local farmer, and artist, Miss Shelly. 


Honeysuckle Camp for 3 to5-year-olds embraces the beauty of unstructured summer while giving a nurturing rhythm to the day for little ones. Our experienced teachers will model the Waldorf experience for these youngsters, giving them a natural and restorative environment to thrive within each day as they walk in the woods, play in sprinklers, make healthy snacks, hear stories, songs, and make take-home treasures.


“We are excited to have our son return to Waldorf summer camp this year. My child loved his teachers, made new friends, and thrived in the open-ended, unplugged play that camp provides. He experienced simple pleasures of summer.”


Click Here to Learn More about our Honeysuckle Camp and its weekly themes, which include:


Grow A Garden | Week 1 & 2 | June 18 – 29
Summer Sun | Week 3 & 4 | July 2 – 13
By The Sea | Week 5 & 6 | July 16 – 27
Blessed Bees | Week 7 & 8 | July 30 – Aug. 10


Nature Makers Camp for Grades 1 – 3 combines unstructured summer fun with unique learning and making opportunities as children meander through forests, hike in the Wissahickon, and learn from local urban farmers. There will be plenty of free time for these youngsters to play outside, make friends and get soaked with a garden hose, but there will also be unique opportunities to learn and create through natural printing, gardening, beekeeping basics, herbal tea making, fairy world creation and so much more.


“My daughter loved summer camp at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia!  She delighted in the treasured experiences that make kids happy- time outside playing, water activities, making friends, creating, unplugged – it was a wonderful experience.”


Click Here to Learn More about our Nature Makers Camp and its weekly themes, which include:

Printing with Nature | Week 1 | June 18-22
On the Farm | Week 2 | June 25-29
Plants are Medicine | Week 3 | July 2-6
The Magical Natural World | Week 4 | July 9-13

Join The Waldorf School of Philadelphia this summer and hearken back to a time when camp was camp — celebrating the outside, free time, the warmth of the sun and being unplugged. Let your children rejuvenate, relax, play and learn with our experienced teachers and counselors. They will make wonderful friends and memories, do classic summer kid stuff and return home to you tired, relaxed and happy.

Learn more and Register or call (215) 248-1662 / email with questions.