May 5

From Screen Space to Green Space

Connecting classrooms with technology may be starving children of a connection with the world they live in and studies cited in the NACC’s Call to Action claim that schools now leave less time for “investigating and learning through activities that build on a child’s sense of wonder, curiosity, and the benefit of first-hand experiences.” There is an alternative. Waldorf Education. A real alternative to the false notion of having to choose between nature and learning, play and academics.

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Oct 6

The Moveable Classroom

Picture a first grader. Boundless energy, constantly moving, full of questions and ideas. Now picture a regular First Grade classroom. Neat First-Grader-sized desks lined up in rows, still and containing. What happens when you plop the First graders into these strict desks? Energy comes out in fidgets, wiggles, or slouching. They can, at times, have […]

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