“Waldorf Education is alive and relevant to the developing child”

In my experience as a student, parent and grandparent who has also taught in public and private schools, Waldorf education is alive and relevant to the developing child. The curriculum provides a context of wholeness and wonder. I credit my Waldorf education with nurturing the spirit of connection for me with the natural world. While I showed no particular gifts as a child I am aware of having had the freedom to discover and delight without pressure to be gifted, or a specialist. I am sure that it is my early education that confirmed for me that magic is all around us and does not defy modern science but precedes it. My favorite memories of school were the thrill of making a bamboo recorder, using colored pencils to do school work, making main lesson books, assemblies, magnolia blossoms in the air and on the ground, handwork, the stories, poetry and rich texture of each day. And then I grew up to build a 600 square foot building out of clay soil from the earth, with a living roof, where I do my work, and teach people to love themselves and find a connection to the earth.

Cara Graver, Kimberton Waldorf School
Photography by Kim Soles