The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is a modern, organic learning environment in the heart of Germantown, based on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education. Our mission is to create a vibrant learning community based on a deep understanding of the child, integrating the intellectual with the artistic and the practical with the beautiful. We provide a decidedly independent form of education that creates decidedly independent thinkers. Learning that inspires. Learning that endures. And learning that your children will treasure forever.

Early Childhood

A Sanctuary for Early Childhood Experiences. The Waldorf School of Philadelphia creates a warm, safe, nurturing environment for young children to thrive. They explore the world around them. They develop key motor and cognitive skills that will aid them through their lives. And they experience joy. Imagine the possibilities for your child.
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Lower School

Elementary Education for the Elements of an Enriching Life. Here, citizens are developed from the ground up. From woodland explorations along the Wissahickon to a finely honed sense of community, our elementary school students are on their way to becoming stewards of both the natural world around them and the people in it.
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Middle School

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia offers a comprehensive liberal arts education - in middle school. It's an uncompromising, yet unexpected foundation that will serve your child for the rest of their life. By graduation, students have developed into critical thinkers with agile penetrating minds, ready to attain new heights.
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Join us this Fall for in-person, full-week classes on our beautiful wooded campus with acres of outdoor play space, and light and airy interiors designed to support learning.


6000 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144  (215) 248-1662
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