Alumni Spotlight

Leah Bakely

A graduate of the 2008 Philly Waldorf Class, Leah Bakely went on to Central High School, then Wesleyan University, where she double majored in Spanish and History. This led to her employment overseas, teaching English, in Madrid, Spain.

She says, “I originally moved to Madrid because I received a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship to work in a public school there, but I’ve stayed because I love the city and my life there. My plan is to stay for one more year and then return to the U.S. for grad school.”

In addition to her Fulbright Scholarship, Leah has received several awards from Wesleyan University including a scholarship to do a summer internship in a social service-related field, an invitation to join the Wesleyan chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and several acknowledgments for academic achievements in both the Spanish and History Departments. Out in the teaching field, she won a Health Education prize for her High School teaching and teacher training in sexual education courses.

These opportunities have helped define what Leah wants to do with her future. She says, “I’d like to work in public health, with a specific focus on women’s health and the health of LGBTQ+-identifying folks.”

When it comes to her Waldorf Education, Leah says that The Waldorf School of Philadelphia gave her a thirst for learning that has never disappeared.

“I loved going to Waldorf. I was that kid who, come August, couldn’t wait to go back to school. And that thirst for learning didn’t disappear when I graduated. In fact, I’d say Waldorf set me up for a lifelong love of learning. Waldorf also taught me not to fear what I didn’t know how to do, because at Waldorf I learned to do a bit of everything: to read music, to carve a hexagonal bowl, to make a main lesson book on the anatomy of the human body. Perhaps most importantly, Waldorf, specifically Mrs. Persinotti, taught me how to write, something for which I will forever be grateful.”

About Leah

  • Class of 2008
  • Central High School
  • Wesleyan University
  • Fulbright Scholar