Alumni Spotlight

Chloe (Teddy) Hannah-Drullard

Chloe (Teddy) Hannah-Drullard graduated from The Waldorf School of Philadelphia in 2012 and became A Better Chance scholar, attending the George School outside of Philadelphia for high school. While there, they took up roles as a public speaker and blogger, and through A Better Chance went to go to Japan to study art the summer before their junior year.

After graduating from the George School, Teddy received an anonymously donated scholarship for stewardship, and went on to become a KEEP (Kenyon Educational Enrichment Program) scholar at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.  

Teddy is currently majoring in English with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies and concentration in Law & Society. They are a co-president of Kenyon’s Counsel for Diversity and Social Justice and their writing has enacted change on campus.

“Since I was a second semester freshman, I have spent many long nights writing a series of (formerly) anonymous pieces raising awareness about racial and political tensions on campus that used to be silenced by the College administration. Most recently, my open letter “I Am Not An N-Word” was circulated throughout the college and beyond, sparking a campus-wide discussion about free speech and its limits within the Liberal Arts. The President wrote a blog post about the message in the letter, and now Kenyon College is enacting a policy similar to Title IX that will hold people accountable for racial discrimination. This progress is not solely a result of my efforts, but I am so happy to have helped spur things along.”

When asked about their Waldorf education experience, Teddy says it gave a love of lifelong learning.

“My Waldorf education has benefited me in so many ways, and I talk about it more and more the older I get. I believe that Waldorf — in helping me take things at my own pace, see the beauty in everything, and give my craft my undivided attention — ultimately made me a better student. I do very well in school, but I still don’t care at all about transcripts or accolades––I just love to learn and explore, and Waldorf is definitely the reason.”

In the future, Teddy hopes to continue social justice work and generally be “working toward good.”

“After a speech I gave at the Center for the Study of American Democracy convention at Kenyon, keynote speaker Jeff Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, said that there will be a spot waiting for me on the Supreme Court in a couple decades. So my plan right now is to go to law school, and see where it takes me.”

About Teddy

  • Class of 2012
  • The George School
  • Kenyon College
  • KEEP Scholar