Student Support Services

student support services

Waldorf Education aims to support the development of the whole child – head, hands, and heart. Core to our beliefs is that children develop and learn at different speeds, in different ways and that many encounter challenges along their academic journey. Sometimes children benefit from extra support. When the need arises, we strive to provide our students with supplementary learning support designed to meet their individual needs. The support program at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia includes some or all of the following:

  • Developmental milestone review upon entry to first-grade entry

  • Second-grade literacy review

  • Annual review of developmental and academic milestones

  • Recommendations for  further assessments, therapies, and remediation outside school by specialized professionals when necessary

  • Supplementary math and reading tutoring for 2nd-8th-grade students

  • Upper grades math support

  • High School entry support

  • Therapeutic Eurythmy

learning support

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia provides a reading and math tutoring program designed to support students who have been identified by their teachers as benefiting from extra small group or individualized instruction through systematic instruction tailored to their needs.

To do so, our school partners with Catapult Learning.  Catapult Learning’s intervention programs using a tested instructional method that begins with administering a diagnostic screening tool to isolate particular learning needs and inform the best instructional approach. This method fosters student progress and guides their individualized and independent practice activities.

  • Small-group and individual instruction uses the gradual release of responsibility model

  • Based on sound research and instructional best practices

  • Built-in formative assessments identify challenge areas

  • Close communication between Catapult Learning and school staff ensures that students master classroom objectives

  • Parents receive periodic progress reports on student achievement

  • The Catapult Learning Dashboard allows administrators and teachers to review detailed attendance and performance data at a glance

Participation in Catapult Learning also helps to provide scaffolded instruction and guided practice activities that increase a student’s self-confidence and motivation to learn.

school counselling support

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia provides expert support for enrolled students struggling with behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and life skills issues through Catapult Learning’s credentialed, master’s level counselors. Catapult’s counseling staff work closely with Waldorf teachers and when appropriate, parents in support of the students being served.