Why do you give? At the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, we are proud to have support from all areas of our community. Donors give for so many reasons, each personal and compelling. Here are some of their stories. We are grateful to these individuals, as well as the countless others who support our school.

"My annual gift to the school helps support my students, my fellow teachers, and enables me to help care for our beautiful buildings and grounds. It makes me happy knowing that my gift supports the community that has given me so much over the years, both as an educator and as an alumni parent."  - Patricia Cornelius, Early Childhood Teacher and Faculty Chair

"We have given to the Annual Fund for many years now and have continued to do so even after our youngest graduated from 8th Grade. All four of our children had wonderful childhoods and all four are now extraordinary individuals, because of their Waldorf School experience. We hope that the school can be our legacy, our contribution to the City of Philadelphia." - Tom and Kira Gartner, Alumni Parents

"A school environment like this does not happen by chance. By giving to the annual fund, we are showing our support and thanks to educators that genuinely love our children. We hope that the school continues to grow and that children from all over our city can access this incredible educational experience. We would love for the Waldorf School of Philadelphia to be held up as a model of innovation, wise stewardship and loving inclusion." - Andrea and John McAfee 


"My motivation to give to the Annual Fund stems from my background as an educator and having a high regard for teachers and schools that strive to provide the best quality education for children. I am also a proud grandparent of two Waldorf students and as a result of their attendance at the school I have become a Sustainer." - Toni Chapman, Board Trustee and Grandparent to two Waldorf students. 

"As a faculty member I feel that our school is so fortunate to call this beautiful historic campus our home but without the support that the Annual Fund provides our classrooms wouldn't be as beautiful or the curriculum as rich. As parent to three Waldorf graduates and one current Waldorf student, I feel very grateful to be part of our generous community. I am proud to be a Sustainer for the Annual Fund, which means I give a little each month. It doesn't matter that I only give a little bit because I know that my gift is appreciated and that I am contributing towards our school's fundraising and participation goals." - Lucy Bell, Early Childhood Teacher and Waldorf Parent

Your gifts to the 2019-20 Annual Fund raised $68,000.

Your generosity impacts the quality of our programming, the professional development of our teachers, and improves the overall experience for each of our students from Early Childhood through 8th Grade. Thank you for your gifts. Your commitment and belief in our school inspires us to do our best work every single day.