early child

Early childhood is a period of magical discovery — learning movement, play, friendship and love. The child begins to flourish independently, developing rhythms and discovering the beauty of language.
Take the first steps in Parent-Child, create rhythms in Nursery, and gain independence in our mixed-age Kindergarten program »

grade 1

This is where your child learns how to learn. This is where your child feels a oneness with people, animals, nature and the heavens. This is the beginning of learning with and from one another. Play to learn in Grade One »

grade 2

This is the age of contrasts. This is when your child becomes conscious of goodness and aware of its counterpart. Our divergent human qualities come to the fore in fables as handwork serves to harmonize our polarities. Dive into Grade Two »

grade 3

Your child is getting stronger. Objectivity and subjectivity grows within. The physical, practical and material world looms large. Literacy and numeracy skills flourish. Your child is deeply connected to – and feels responsible for – the world. Explore the growth of Grade Three »

grade 4

Your child is confident, vigorous and eager. This energy and vitality is met and expressed through the Norse myths. Freedom and independence are palpable. Fractions and wholeness hold meaning. Discover the energy of Grade Four »

grade 5

Your child's capacity for comprehending concepts beyond the realm of the senses is emerging. He has an ease about him. Her movements are graceful. They find significance in ancient civilizations. Unearth the grace of Grade Five »

grade 6

Your child's sense of self is deepening, and with it, ego-centric concerns. Counterbalancing this is the study of unfamiliar lands, people and cultures. Even their earth-centricity is met with a study of the celestial sphere… and their place in it. Finding balance in Grade Six »

grade 7

A renaissance of awareness is met with an in-depth study of the renaissance. Exploration, astronomy, alchemy, the powers of personal conviction and the wonder of confronting the world as a writer coalesce. The strong curriculum of Grade Seven »

grade 8

Childhood's end. The journey to a more mature understanding of oneself in relation to the world culminates in this final year. Anatomy and uprightness. Courage and politics. And one last bonding as a group in the class trip. It's the end of an adventure. And the beginning of another. Beginning a new journey »