Parents Association

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is a rarity, even among Waldorf schools. Our school is young, diverse, energetic and urban; a magnet for creative, community-minded people.

Community involvement is a central tenet of The Waldorf School of Philadelphia as one of the key goals of Waldorf Education is to help develop creative, thoughtful, socially conscious and engaged citizens. In this regard, our community is active, engaged and thriving.

There are many ways for parents to become involved with the community at Philly Waldorf. Our active Parents Association meets quarterly to support the various functions in the school. Parents also serve on the Board of Trustees, The Board Advisory Council and on a variety of Board Mandated Committees.

Parents Association

The mission of the Waldorf School of Philadelphia Parents Association is: inclusion, participation, information, education 

  • Provide a place for parent’s voices through discussion within the school community
  • Hold the school community through our support, response and involvement in all aspects of its work
  • Educate, support and challenge ourselves as parents in the transforming work of Waldorf Education
  • Welcome and embrace not only new families but continue to work on inclusion of our parent community throughout our journey through 8th grade

To learn more about the Parents Association, contact Parents Association Conveners Juliana Ames, and Daila Prevs at [email protected]