Sustained Giving

Make an impact over the course of a year

Our Sustainers form the backbone of our Annual Fund. A sustaining gift is convenient, customizable, and paperless. You can invest what makes sense for you and make an incredible impact over the course of the year, helping us plan for future costs, and ensure that we can step up to unexpected challenges, no matter when they occur. Make a difference, the whole year long and become a Sustainer today!

Show the World Your Waldorf Pride

The importance of donations to our Annual Fund lies in the realm of possibility. Each donation shows the world that our community believes in our mission and values the experience not just of an individual student, but of each and every child.

We are grateful for our community's commitment to our school, especially those that have shown their generosity year after year. Continuous giving doesn't just help us financially. It shows our teachers that they are loved, it shows our students that they are supported, and it shows the community that our mission matters.

While the mushroom might seem humble, it is hardy, beautiful, and often pops up in unexpected places. The mushroom symbolizes the beauty you can see everywhere in our world, if you know where to look. At the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, we appreciate the contribution each family brings to our school. Thank you for your support.

Lucy Bell, teacher and parent of three Waldorf alums and a current student, tells us why she chose to be a Sustainer.

Why do you donate to the Annual Fund? I am a proud to be a Sustainer for the Annual Fund, which means I give a little each month. It doesn't matter that I only give a little bit because I know that my gift is appreciated and that I am contributing towards our school's fundraising and participation goals.

What do you hope for the future of the school? As a faculty member I feel that our school is so fortunate to call this beautiful historic campus our home but without the support that the Annual Fund provides our classrooms wouldn't be as beautiful or the curriculum as rich. As parent to three Waldorf graduates and one current Waldorf student, I feel very grateful to be part of our generous community.

Where have you noticed the impact of the Annual Fund? Our school is able to attract and retain the best teachers. I think it's because there is a feeling here of being valued as a teacher. This is demonstrated by the school's commitment to have livable salaries and benefits for teachers. This would not be possible without the Annual Fund.